Candid vs Invisalign: Invisible Braces Comparison

There are various ways through which a person can align their teeth and enhance their smile. However, the most popular way is to visit a dentist and get painful metal braces or aligners that would be visible while smiling. Candid and Invisalign are two of the most prominent aligners through which a person can align their teeth without going through the pain induced by metal wires in braces.

Let us now compared Candid vs Invisalign and see how these aligners are similar and different. This way you can make the best choice for your teeth straightening needs.

Candid vs Invisalign: Overvoew

Candid and Invisalign are transparent aligners that are used to straighten a person’s teeth in a discreet manner. They are widely recommended by dentists because they are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and can be removed with ease.

What are Candid Aligners?

Candid aligners were launched in the year 2017 and paved a new way for orthodontic treatment as they are seen as the perfect alternative to the ‘traditional’ process of braces. They are made from Zendura as it doesn’t make use of gluten or latex that might cause irritation in the mouth. This feature also provides the aligners with the ability to withstand a high amount of strain without breaking and harming the person. One of the best parts about these aligners is that it doesn’t require any professional assistance as the person can order a basic kit from their home.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners were invented in the year 1997 as the first-ever transparent aligners. They are made up of SmartTrack material that is a patented thermoplastic material, which makes them comfortable to keep in the mouth. However, getting Invisalign is a painless yet expensive procedure as it would require the person to visit their dentist on a regular basis. Additionally, it is a long-term treatment and can last up to two years as well.

Candid and Invisalign Comparison

Although Candid and Invisalign aligners have the same purpose of aligning the teeth and are both transparent, they work in contrasting ways.


In order to get a Candid treatment, the person would need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Candid Kit
  2. Order a basic Candid kit to take impressions of their teeth.
  3. Or, they can visit any Candid studio and get an in-person scan.
  4. Treatment Approval
  5. After the treatment is approved by a licensed dentist, the aligners would be delivered to them within three weeks.
  6. Duration
  7. They would need to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day for six months (depending on the severity of the case) to get the desired results.
  8. Regular check-ups
  9. The dentist would keep a regular check of the treatment in the form of virtual scans that don’t require physical presence.
  10. Retainers
  11. Once the aligners are removed, the person would get a custom-made retainer to ensure that the teeth stay in place.
  12. Note: The cost of retainers is not included in the treatment.


In order to get an Invisalign treatment, the person would need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Consultation
  • Book an Invisalign consultation with their dentist so that they can evaluate their teeth impression.
  • Analysis of impression
  • After analyzing the impressions, the dentist would recommend a customized digital treatment.
  • Treatment Approval
  • Once the treatment plan is approved by the person, custom aligners as per the teeth impressions will be delivered to them.
  • Duration
  • They would need to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day to get the desired results.
  • A new set of aligners would be required almost every two weeks as teeth would start shifting at a slow pace.
  • Checkups
  • They would need to visit the dentist at least once every month so that the dentist can keep track of the whole process.
  • Retainers
  • Once the aligners are removed, the person would need to buy a Vivera retainer to ensure that the teeth stay in place.


The following are some of the important features about Candid and Invisalign aligners:


Both aligners are transparent, but due to the difference in the material used, Candid aligners are less transparent as compared to Invisalign aligners.


Invisalign aligners are more comfortable as compared to Candid aligners as they are easier to wear and remove.

Treatments offered

Candid aligners are used to treat teeth problems that are minor in nature, such as teeth gap, crooked teeth, and crowded teeth. Whereas Invisalign aligners are used to treat extreme misalignment of teeth in the form of a huge gap and overcrowded teeth. It can also treat problems such as underbites, open bites, and cross-bites caused due to any untreated dental condition.

Purchase and Price Information

Candid treatments cost around $2,400 as it is a remote treatment and only licensed dentists have the authority to conduct the treatment. However, the retainers prescribed at the end of the treatment require an additional cost of around $100.

Invisalign treatments are expensive as compared to Candid treatments because they require the person to consult the doctor in-person. The cost of a single consultation is between $100 and $200 that would make the whole treatment cost around $3,000 to $8,000.

Pros and Cons

Since each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, let us discuss the pros and cons of Candid and Invisalign aligners.

Candid Pros

  • Cheaper as compared to Invisalign
  • Short-term and Remote treatment
  • The cost of retainers is not included in the treatment
  • Aligners are strain-resistant

Candid Cons

  • Can only treat minor problems
  • High risk as it lacks in-person check-up
  • Only adults can undergo this treatment

Invisalign Pros

  • More comfortable
  • Treats major misalignment of teeth along with the problems caused by it
  • Suitable for every age group
  • More transparent

Invisalign Cons

  • Expensive due to consultation fees
  • It doesn’t offer remote consultation
  • Long-term treatment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which treatment includes teeth-whitening?

Candid treatment offers teeth whitening for free.

Which treatment is best to cure minor teeth-gap with a low budget.

Candid treatment is the best option if you want to align your teeth with a limited budget.

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