Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is a subspecialty of dentistry that is responsible for providing harmony and beauty to the smile.

When describing a “beautiful smile”, it is not only about the teeth, but three distinct components that define it must be taken into account:

  • The lips
  • The  gums
  • The teeth

All of them must be analyzed together by the specialist in dental aesthetics to obtain the desired balance in the results. 


The size and color of the gums is a key element for a smile, therefore, its alignment and conditioning is essential in a beautiful and natural design.

The gums must present an adequate length and a healthy color, as well as an arched shape in perfect alignment with the teeth.

There are several periodontal techniques indicated to maintain the health of the gums, as well as to cover the roots of the patients’ teeth when they seem too long.


The treatment of the teeth is the most delicate part of the smile design. It is important to analyze the shape, size, and color to offer each person results that are aesthetically pleasing and natural at the same time.

The most common treatments are dental veneers and teeth whitening. Apart from these procedures,  dental aesthetics also includes those oral rehabilitation techniques necessary to improve the smile and  Digital Smile Design as the digital mechanism to plan and facilitate the work of the specialist and increase confidence in the patient.

The smile design is the commercial term that means a dental procedure called ” previous aesthetic restoration, ” a process by which more and more people are interested. The attachment to the so-called ‘smile designs’ has a very serious background, people are under very strong social and aesthetic pressure. People believe that because they see straight smiles on television it is normal to have the spaces in their teeth sealed with resins, but the truth is otherwise. The teeth are not square, they are slightly rounded, and they are not the same size. The design is not the same for everyone, and there everything depends on the clinic where the patient decides to be treated.

Having A Nicer Smile Can Pay Off In The Long Run

It is important to note that the design also includes an evaluation by an orthodontist who will determine if a change in position or alignment of the teeth is needed and a change in the position of the jaws. A smile design is not synonymous with “dental veneers” it must be made according to the needs of each one. Dental veneers can be placed at any age, as long as you already have permanent teeth, they do not cause any damage to the tooth. In the design, it must be taken into account that teeth have their parameters and characteristics, which each individual has. At Axioma Estudi Dental we do not create dental veneers with a “standard design” applied to all. It should not be done the same for everyone, each patient is a unique individual.

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