Dental Sealants in Anaheim, CA

Protect your child’s teeth from cavities with dental sealants at First Dental Care

Teaching your kids proper oral hygiene and taking them to the dentist every 6 months are a good way to ensure that their teeth stay healthy. But, if you want to protect your child’s teeth even more, Dr. Douglas Kim can give your child a dental sealant treatment. The procedure is simple, quick, and painless. Call our office at (714) 527-5656 to schedule your child for a dental sealant treatment in Anaheim!

Dental sealant for protecting teeth against cavities offered at First Dental Care

What are dental sealants?

While brushing and flossing are the best ways to help prevent cavities, it’s not always easy to reach into the grooves of your teeth especially your molars. These grooves are where food particles and bacteria accumulate.

You’re probably wondering what else you can do to protect your child’s teeth? The good news is you can have a sealant placed on his/her teeth. A dental sealant is a thin, protective coating that adheres to the surfaces of your molars. This protects your child’s teeth by keeping food out and stopping cavities from forming and may even stop the early stages of decay from becoming a full-blown cavity.

Who can benefit from sealants?

Both children and adults can benefit from sealants, but it’s better to get them at an earlier age. Children should get sealants as soon as permanent molar teeth come in. Sealing these teeth as soon as they come through can keep them safe from cavities. Children and adults at high risk for tooth decay can benefit the most. Ask your dentist if sealants are a good option for you and your family.

How are sealants applied?

Getting your child’s teeth sealed is a quick and painless process. The dentist or hygienist will first clean and dry the teeth before applying an acidic gel on them. This gel roughs up the chewing surfaces of the teeth to allow the sealant to stick to the teeth. After a few seconds, the teeth are rinsed and dried. Lastly, the dentist applies the sealant on the grooves of your child’s teeth and use a special blue light to harden the sealant.

How long do sealants last?

Dental sealants can last many years before they need to be reapplied. During your child’s regular dentist visits, the dentist can check his/her sealants and reapply as needed.

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