General Family Dentistry

Our Philosophy

At First Dental Care, caring for our patients always comes first. We believe in gentle and loving dental care. The type of care we want to give to our own families. This means we would rather prevent than treat. And when we do treat we will do so with the utmost care. Many of our patients leave reviews comparing their experience with previous dentists. We encourage you to read them for yourself here!

Checkups & Cleanings

We recommend scheduling a dental checkup and cleaning at least twice a year. This might seem like a lot, but the sooner we catch problems, the sooner we can prevent damage down the road. During your regular dental check-up, our dentists will examine each tooth, gums, your bite and jaw, and any existing restorative work to develop a comprehensive understanding of your dental needs. We will also look for any signs of gum disease, oral cancer, or teeth grinding. The information we collect from your regular checkups will help us devise the ideal treatment plan.

During your regular dental cleaning, our hygienist will remove deposits of plaque and tartar that have formed. Plus, we will erase minor dental stains, leaving your smile clean and polished. No matter how well you brush and floss, you still require a regular cleaning to maintain optimal oral health.

Oral Cancer Screening

Did you know that on average one person dies from oral cancer every hour? This is a staggering statistic! Catching any signs of oral cancer in the early stages is key to effective treatment. If you have questions about the risks of oral cancer, please discuss them with one of our dentists during the regular checkup.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid from plaque bacteria and sugars. It can also reverse early decay. For children under six years old, fluoride is part of the healthy development of permanent teeth. We include regular fluoride treatments in our dental checkups for our patients.