Teeth Cleaning in Anaheim, CA

Get regular teeth cleaning at First Dental Care

You can maintain a healthy smile with the help of regular teeth cleaning. Here at First Dental Care, dental cleaning is done in combination with a dental exam. Dr. Douglas Kim will also give you an exam to make sure that your teeth are both clean and healthy. We encourage you to schedule a professional teeth cleaning at out office if you’re a patient living in Anaheim or surrounding areas like Fullerton and Orange. You can easily book an appointment by calling our office at (714) 527-5656 or by booking an appointment online.

Get professional teeth cleaning to maintain good oral health at First Dental Care

Why is teeth cleaning important?

A professional teeth cleaning, also called oral prophylaxis is a treatment performed to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums. It involves removing plaque, calculus & stains that have accumulated on the teeth. Professional cleaning of teeth is a crucial part of good oral hygiene and is needed periodically to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

What happens during a professional teeth cleaning?

The dentist may order an X-ray during your appointment to see if you have cavities or any other dental health problems. After the X-ray, your dental hygienist will examine your gum tissue by conducting periodontal probing. He/she will also check your teeth to determine if there is any decay to bring to your dentist’s attention. Your dental hygienist will use special instruments (ultrasonic and hand) to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and underneath your gum line. The hygienist will also polish your teeth to remove stains and then floss your teeth. He/she may also apply fluoride to your teeth.

How often should I get my teeth cleaned by a professional?

It is recommended that you schedule cleaning every 6 months to keep the oral cavity healthy and stop the progression of periodontal disease. Even if you brush and floss religiously, you still need to get your teeth professionally cleaned. Plaque still accumulates in your teeth that cannot be removed by brushing alone.

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