Tooth Extractions in Anaheim, CA

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If for whatever reason you need to get tooth extractions, Dr. Douglas Kim can perform the procedure in a quick and painless way. He will also talk to you about tooth replacement options such as dentures and dental implants. Call us at (714) 527-5656 to schedule tooth extractions in Anaheim.

Tooth extractions for damaged or crowded teeth from dentist in Anaheim

When tooth extractions are necessary

The main goal of dentistry is to save each and every tooth and keep them healthy for as long as possible. However, there are times when extracting the tooth is the best option.

There are a number of reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted:

  • Severely damaged by trauma
  • Severe decay or infection
  • Crowding
  • Wisdom tooth removal

What to expect during a tooth extraction

The first step is taking X-rays of the tooth to assess the position of the tooth beneath the gum line and the condition of the surrounding bone. Then, your dentist will apply local anesthesia to make the procedure as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Once the tooth is removed, your dentist will apply gauze on your gum to minimize bleeding. In some cases, small sutures may be needed to help your gums heal faster.

Tooth extraction healing and recovery

Here are some tips to aid in the healing process after your tooth extraction:

  • Do not use straws.
  • Rinse your mouth gently.
  • Avoid exercise or any strenuous activities for 24 hours.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Don’t brush teeth surrounding the surgery site for 72 hours.
  • Stick to a soft diet for the first few days.
  • Take pain medications prescribed by your dentist to eliminate any discomfort.
  • Apply an ice pack to keep the swelling down.

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